Keep track of cancer in the brain - MRI

Keep track of cancer in the brain - Ratings (staging) of cancer needs to be done to determine the type of treatment will be applied. In my case, of five of the most common cancer in the rating, already among the other four are known, the cell type, primary tumor location, size and number of primary tumor and spread to nearby lymph nodes. Just one thing that is not yet known metastasis or spread to other organs.

I think track cancer cells throughout the body more easily done with a PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography Scan). In this way cancer cells baited charged radioisotopes that can be tracked using a special camera. With one scan of the cancer cells wherever it can be immediately traced. Unfortunately examination with PET scan cost is still very expensive, and time (year 2007) PET Scan not exist in Indonesia. Tracking cancer in my body starts with MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to track the spread in the brain. It is said that for soft tissues such as brain, the use of MRI is more effective than CT scans.

Unlike the X-ray-based CT Scan, MRI uses magnets and radio waves, the way it works is too complex to be understood. Tools like CT scans, only longer so resembles a large tube with a bed in the middle.

Before the examination I had to fill out a form that contains several questions including whether the installation of metal had to undergo surgery such as bone connective pen, a pacemaker, clip etc.. I have to change clothes with the mantle that has been provided, leaving watches, belts, rings and wallet in a locker. Because this tool uses a powerful magnet, then objects made of metal can be sucked towards him. After the ears are covered head-phones and head-like device inserted into the cage, the officers left me lying alone in the tube.

Of head phones sounded soft instrumental songs. Shortly after the officer gave orders to keep me moving, sounding tubes started humming, growing louder and louder and even then overlaid also with clanking sound. I was afraid, lest the tool is broken and suddenly exploded. But apparently correct paramedic was familiar with these signs. I heard through head phones he told me to remain motionless, and explained that the voice which I heard a tumult was normal.

I think the examination was over when the noises began to subside, but apparently not. A paramedic entered the room and injected with fluid to make the image more contrast. Proses repeated. MRI examination is finished I returned to the ward, because it still needed some more checks.

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