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Excessive Perspiration | Lung Wet - Many people think a lot of sweat is healthy. In fact, the phrase is actually directed at those from sub-tropical countries, it was in winter and snow. So the phrase is not relevant for use in the tropics as in this country.

In fact, in tropical countries, without any exercise, the body is sweating. In case of sweaty bodies feels uncomfortable, can even lead to falling ill.
One of the diseases that may come as a result most of the sweat is pneumonia. Pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs or pneumonia is so popular, because it often appears as a complication of causes of death especially in patients with bird flu.

Pneumonia is also a trigger complications and causes of death from measles and influenza, especially in young children. The occurrence of pneumonia as a complication of other diseases and causes of these deaths can be prevented, if the body is not disturbed in performing one task importance. That is, the work is usually done the cells that line the inside of the respiratory tract. Each cell has about 200 cilia (a type of hair is very fine) and issued a watery liquid on its surface.

Cilia that move on a regular basis 10-20 times per second without stopping, fluid sweeping velocity of 1 cm per minute to the throat, and then unwittingly swallowed. Normally, dust, germs, smoke, and the like will be attached to the liquid, then wiped from the respiratory tract.

In addition, the liquid is also keeping your airway is always wet. Well, too much sweat, it will cause the liquid to become dry and sticky, so it can be streamed and clump together into phlegm, plus clogging the airways. Airway is blocked causing shortness of breath and coughing. Then, the proliferation of germs can cause bronchitis and pneumonia.

For short-term healing by diluting and removing phlegm and drug use, or commonly known as steam inhalation. There is a more rational and long-term, physiological and easily, namely by preventing excessive perspiration.

Drinking too much will be in vain if the room was still stuffy, because it will come out again through sweat. Understandably, the air is very humid tropical countries (many contain water vapor), so we are very easy to sweat. Water vapor coming out when exhaling reached 11 times more than the air that is inhaled when a breath.

So, in less ventilated room, the air will increasingly humid, CO2 increases and decreases oxygen, so the body becomes very weak, the disease was widespread. To overcome this, the room is not air-conditioned to be always open for fresh air from outside can enter. The fan is useless if there is no fresh air from outside into the room. Avoid cigarette smoke contains many monoxide that can not be cleaned by the air conditioner and beat the oxygen into blood cells.

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