Tips to keep Healthy Heart

Tips to keep Healthy Heart - In addition to knowing the heart-healthy foods, would also need to recognize other helpful tips related to healthy heart problem. Remember, the importance of recognizing risk factors that cause heart attacks, either our friends or our brothers.

Thus, maintaining the ability to avoid the risk of heart attack more vigilant. Here are some tips on maintaining a healthy heart.

1. Always keep a balance weight within normal limits. With a normal weight then power will be lighter pacemaker.

2. Do exercise regularly. Because the sport will train the pacemaker and blood circulation. At the time of exercise the blood circulation will run faster and will transport all the toxins in the body. Light running or walking for 30 minutes is done routinely every day (10 minutes done in a day) is very good for heart health. quick 10-minute walk three times a day can burn the same number of calories by exercising 30 minutes, but it also coud lowers bad LDL cholesterol and raise good HDL cholesterol levels.

3. Keep your cholesterol within normal limits. If you think you had high cholesterol, talk to your doctor.

4. Drinking fruit juice. All with 100% fruit juice contains the same heart-protective nutrients in vegetables, with the example of tomato juice 230ml vegetable serving equals 2. So if we rarely consume vegetables can be replaced by fruit juice, certainly more refreshing. But it would be better if you keep eating vegetables.

5. If we have less sleep at night, we can replace it with a 30-minute nap every day. Maybe it could be done during breaks to the work. Based on the results of a study, 30-minute nap each day can lower your risk of heart disease by 37% by lowering levels of stress hormones. If he did not have that much time, take a nap with a shorter time can still reduce the risk of heart disease about 12%.

6. General check-ups, check your health regularly, consult your health with a doctor, then health will be more secure.

7. Doing relaxation. This meant that the heart rate normally daily walk as usual.

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