Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung Cancer Treatment | Bronchial benign tumors are usually removed surgically because they can clog the bronchi and long may become malignant. Sometimes performed surgery on the cancer other than small cell carcinoma that has not spread. Approximately 10-35% of cancers can be removed surgically, but surgery does not always bring healing.

lung cancer treatment
Approximately 25-40% of patients and isolated tumor grows slowly, has a life expectancy of up to 5 years after his illness was diagnosed. Patients should perform routine checks for lung cancer recurrence in 6-12% of patients who had undergone surgery.

In the Lung Cancer Treatment, before surgery, performed lung function tests to determine whether the remaining lung can still perform its functions well or not. If the result is ugly, it is not possible to do surgery.

Surgery is not necessary if:
a. The cancer has spread beyond the lung
b. Cancer is too close to the trachea
c. Patients have a serious condition (eg heart disease or lung weight).

In Lung Cancer Treatment, radiation therapy is performed on patients who can not undergo surgery because they have other serious illnesses. The purpose of radiation is to slow cancer growth, not for healing. Radiation therapy also can reduce muscle pain, superior vena cava syndrome and suppression of the spinal cord. But radiation therapy can cause inflammation of the lungs (pneumonitis due to radiation), with symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and fever. These symptoms can be reduced by corticosteroids (eg prednisone).

At the time of diagnosis, small cell carcinoma is almost always spread to other body parts, making it impossible to do surgery. These cancers are treated with chemotherapy, sometimes radiation therapy disetai.

Patients with lung cancer who experienced a lot of lung function decline. To reduce respiratory disorders may be given oxygen therapy and drugs that dilate the airways (bronchodilators).

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