Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Diagnosis of Lung Cancer - If some body have a permanent cough or the cough disease that more chronic or others lung cancer symptoms, So, this is have a possible to get the lung cancer. Sometimes the first direction like discovery of the shadow, the chest x-ray of someone who showed no symptoms. Chest X-rays can find most of lung tumors, although not all the shadows that look is a cancer

Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Usually performed microscopic examination of tissue samples, which are sometimes derived from patients with sputum (sputum cytology). To obtain the necessary network, performed bronchoscopy.

CT scans can show a small shadow that is not visible on chest x-rays and may reveal enlarged lymph nodes. To find the spread to the liver, adrenal gland or brain, a CT scan of the abdomen and brain.

The spread of cancer to bone could be seen through scanning bone. Bone marrow biopsy is sometimes done, because of small cell carcinoma tends to spread to the bone marrow

Classification (stage) of cancer based on:
1. Tumor size
2. Spread to lymph nodes nearby
3. Spread to other organs.
This stage is used to determine the type of treatment will be performed and the prediction of disease in patients.

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