Tuberculosis Patients More Prone to Lung Cancer

Tuberculosis Patients More Prone to Lung Cancer - People with tuberculosis disease must now be more vigilant in maintaining their health condition. Research experts in Taiwan showed that those who suffer from tuberculosis have a tendency to 11 times more likely to have lung cancer.

The conclusion was made after scientists looked at more than 700,000 people selected at random for six years, including 4480 people diagnosed with TB disease.

"The incidence of lung cancer in patients with TB accounting for 11 times higher compared with patients without TB. This study proves the importance of preventing lung cancer through the campaign against TB," said Chen Chih-yi, a researcher from the China Medical University in Taichung city center , Taiwan.

The findings, published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology January issue that supports the link between TB and lung cancer, which had previously been predicted but not yet proven.

"TB is the most common chronic diseases in the world. Patients are most contagious disease exists in the developing and less advanced. Lung cancer is also commonly known as related to smoking. Attention is less focused on people with TB who are also at high risk for lung cancer, "said Chen.

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