Lung Disease Threatens Big City Residents

Lung Disease Threatens Big City Residents - Besides the heart, lungs is one of the vital organs for human life. The lungs play an important role in the respiratory system. This organ exchange oxygen from air with carbon dioxide from the blood. Without lungs, you will be disturbed oxygen demand.

Not only that, there's more work the other lung. The lungs selecting and removing bad particles that enter through the respiratory tract, such as dust or chemicals from pollution.

Unfortunately, we often pay less attention lung health. In fact, lung health indicators disturbed quite easily seen. For example, difficulty breathing when walking quickly or frequently experience coughing. Smokers and people who often sleep late at night was not immune from the threat of decline in lung function.

In order for the health of our lungs to stay awake, Internal Medicine Specialist Hospital Mochtar Riady Comprehensive Cancer Centre (MRCCC) Siloam Hospitals, Jakarta, Martin Rumende advised us to check the condition of the lungs.

"So we know what happens in the lungs. Do not know-know you have been exposed to chronic diseases," said Martin.

Prepare contained breathing

Diseases that damage the health of your lungs is a disease that includes the category Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Chronic lung disease is characterized by the presence of air flow resistance in the airways that is progressive non-reversible or partially reversible.

The cause of airflow obstruction in COPD are chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or a combination of both. Chronic Bronchitis is a respiratory disorder characterized by chronic cough with phlegm for at least three months in a year without the influence of other diseases.

While the anatomic pulmonary emphysema is characterized by dilation of distal airspaces and terminal bronchioles accompanied by alveolar wall destruction. Guidelines for Asthma Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Association Physician Indonesia mention, often, people with chronic bronchitis showed signs of emphysema.

Not only that, tuberculosis or TB disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria are also a threat. This disease is transmitted through saliva splashes when the patient coughs. There is also a pneumonia which is caused by infection of the lung tissue (parenchyma). Generally, the infection is caused by mycoplasma bacteria peneumoniae.

Lung cancer is the most frightening specter for the body. Therefore, based on medical data, including lung cancer cancer that causes many deaths worldwide, as well as cervical cancer in women.

It had been so, this cancer, as he entered the advanced stage, can grow and spread to other parts of the body. According Suhanto Kasmali, Head of Medical Services Mediros Hospital, Jakarta, lung disease is a serious threat for those who live in big cities with high pollution levels, such as Jakarta.

Therefore, everyone needs to prepare a tool that can protect the respiratory system, such as masks. In fact, the mask is obligatory for motorists as well as those working in the field of construction, such as painters, or a chemical factory workers. Well, did you care about your lungs?

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