Lung Cancer Types That must We Know

Lung Cancer Types - Identifying lung cancer types is very important, in connection with treatment efforts to be undertaken. From where he grew up, lung cancer is divided into two kinds.

lung cancer types
Below many Lung Cancer Types:
Primary cancer, if cancer grows from cells in the lung.
Secondary cancer, if cancer that growing in the lung is the spread of cancer cells originating from other organs such as breast or colon.

Knowing the origin of cancer and Lung Cancer Types is important, because if it is cancer that develops in the lungs is spread from other places such as the colon, then the way of treatment as well as treating colon cancer.

Knowing Lung Cancer Types

Primary Cancer
From the anatomic shape, which grows from the primary cancer cells in a lung is divided into two kinds of
1. Small cancer cells SCLC (Small Cell Lung Cancer)
2. Cancer cells, non-small cell NSCLC (Non Small Cell Lung Cancer)

1. Small cancer cells SCLC (Small Cell Lung Cancer).
Although statistically small cell cancer only occurs in 20% of all lung cancer patients, but this type is among the most difficult to treat because it is very easily spread to other organs. From the shape that resembles a grain, these cancer cells called cells of wheat (Oat cell cancer). Named for its small cell so small that it looks like only consist of a nucleus (cell nucleus). This Lung cancer types is usually caused by smoking. Very rarely found someone who did not smoke suffer from this type of cancer. In order to physicians usually recommend chemotherapy treatment because it is easily spread (metastasis).

2. Non-small cell cancer cell NSCLC (Non Small Cell Lung Cancer).
This cancer cell types consists of three kinds, which is used as one group because they have similar characteristics, and in response to different drugs with small cell lung cancer (Small Cell Lung Cancer). It is sometimes very difficult if not impossible to distinguish these three types of cancer cells if the cells are not yet fully developed into cancer cells. Before becoming a malignant cancer cells, cells that initially was normal cells, have very complicated process, which is called mutation.

The three types of cancer cells are:

a. Squamous cancer cells (Squamous Cell Carcinoma).
This type of cancer most often found, usually found around the mid-lung in one branch of either the left or right bronchus. This type of cancer formed by cells that exist along the respiratory tract, and is usually caused by smoking.

b. Adenocarcinoma.
Adenocarcinoma also develops from cells that exist along the respiratory tract, but particularly formed from cells that produces sputum (mucus layer in the airway wall). Usually found in most tissues outside the lungs.

c. Large Cancer Cell (Large Cell Carcinoma).
So called because it looks great shape somewhat round. This cancer type tends to grow faster.

Secondary cancer.
There are several Lung Cancer Types, which is the spread of cancer cells from other organs, including breast cancer and colon cancer. How cancer treatment is very dependent of the origin of cancer cells to grow. If for example, cancer cells develop from breast cells that then spread to the lungs, although later found and developed in the lungs, it is not cell lung cancer, but breast cancer cells, which will only respond to drugs for breast cancer. Similarly, if the cancer cells originated from intestinal cells that mutate into malignant and spread to the lungs.

Back in my case, it seems biopsy (tissue sample) becomes a necessary condition to determine the type of cancer that is growing. If the cancer is found later in paruku, the trip will be still very long, because there must be an evaluation to the whole body, to determine whether the cancer is found in cells derived from lung or cancer that has spread from elsewhere.

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