Lung Cancer Care to Stay Healthy

Lung Cancer Care - Having a healthy lung is everyone's dream, for it is the lungs must be kept healthy and strong.

"The lungs are organs of long-lasting as long as he was not attacked from outside, and cared for," says Norman H. Edelman, MD as chief medical officer of the American Lung Association (ALA), as quoted by, on Friday (20/5/2011).

But unfortunately many people who do not realize this, so without realizing some of his habits can actually damage the lungs.

Here are tips you can do to keep lungs to stay healthy and strong among others:
1. Doing sports

2. Do not smoke of any kind

3. Keeping the air clean

4. Eating the right foods

5. Using protective equipment when working

6. Using safe products

Some household products sometimes remove particles or gases that are harmful to the lungs. Try to avoid oil based products, products that release volatile organic compounds (volatile organic compounds/VOCs), avoid the use of ammonia and read the label carefully.

7. Improving indoor air

The air in the room also can affect lung health, such as the carpet is not clean, air freshener with hazardous chemicals, excessive use of candles or the workmanship of the building. To that provide good ventilation for the room and reduce the resources that affect the lungs.

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