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Best Lung Cancer Treatment - Cancer is now no longer deadly. The cancer patients in Indonesia can have a longer life expectancy with the discovery of plants 'rodent tuber' as a medicinal plant that can stop and treat various cancers, and various other chronic diseases. Kind of taro plants with maximum height of 25 to 30 cm, only grows in the bush that is not exposed to direct sunlight. "This plant is commonly found in Java," said Drs.Patoppoi Pasau, the first person who found the plant in Indonesia. Medicinal plants have been studied since 1999 by Prof. Dr. Chris KHTeo, Dip Agric (M), BSc Agric (Hons) (M), MS, PhD from Universiti Sains Malaysia and also the founder of Cancer Care Penang, Malaysia. Cancer treatment institutions established in 1995 that has helped thousands of patients from Malaysia, America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and various countries in the world.

According to the doctor, if his colleagues learned that he was on treatment alternatives, they will give the title as the physician-healer. "This is an open gap between conventional and modern medicine," said the doctor.

Many interesting things happened Boni for receiving and providing assistance to various patients. There's even a heavy addict putaw, and shabu-shabu in Surabaya, which in turn addicts are getting lung cancer. After receiving the verdict of lung cancer stage III, the patient was taking pills and teas from the Cancer Care.

best lung cancer treatment
The result is quite surprising, as it turns out the drug to remove toxic drugs from the patient's blood circulation, and overcome the dependence on these drugs. "But, if the addict is able to neutralize the poison with taro rat, she should not do drugs anymore, because surely there will be resistance. So do not like kebo, after wallowing bath again, "Boni said, laughing.

Also there is the experience of patients who roared in pain due to cancer gnawing attack, because the painkillers are not working anymore. After the rats were given drinking juice taro, a moment later the patient is calm and no longer feel pain.

According to data from Cancer Care Malaysia, various diseases have been cured are a variety of serious illnesses such as cancer and breast cancer, lung, colon-rectum, liver, prostate, kidney, cervix, throat, bone, brain, spleen, leukemia, bile , pancreas, and hepatitis

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