Leakage Lung Disease | Lung health

Leak Lung Disease - Pneumonia is usually caused by fungi or bacteria, and rarely cause holes. When the lungs until the holes, he added, meaning severe infections have occurred. It is likely triggered by TB germs, which are damaged and destroyed lung tissue, so the network eventually will die and cause scars hollow (cavity).

Leakage Lung Disease | Lung health
To puncture the lung, TB germs need time to infect at least six months and initially it preceded the existence of inflammation. "Right TB can easily be identified from symptoms such as frequent coughing up blood, cough for more than two weeks, appetite decrease and weight loss, fever in the afternoon, tired, lethargic, and weak, sweating at night. If extensive lung disorders , There will be short of breath, "papTBC which is still in early stages, can be treated.

Treatment for at least six months and must be done regularly. This rule, often make the patient can not wait. Moreover, after 1-2 months of regular treatment, the disease symptoms usually disappear. "The patient was already recovering, though not yet," he said. If treatment is not routine then, the bacteria will become resistant.

And if at any time his condition worsened, the drugs have become does not work anymore. "If it's such a big possibility the patient could not recover for a lifetime," he said. Dr. Pradjnaparamita, Sp.P, pulmonary specialists from Friendship Hospital, Jakarta, was also more directed to the TB germs when the lungs through a hole. "The condition, aggravated by smoking," said faculty COPD Center Pulmonology Section FK-UI it. If it happens, he recommends that patients stop smoking immediately.

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