Causes of Pneumonia Disease

Causes of Pneumonia Disease - Pneumonia, including types of dangerous diseases. Strengthen the body with balanced nutrition and protecting the environment is the best step to avoid it. All The lungs are always wet with wetted by blood. According to its function, the lungs are where the exchange of O2 with CO2 by hemoglobin within red blood cells. Therefore it is reasonable if the lungs are always wet, and there was never dry lungs, except the dead.

pneumonia disease
In medicine, it is not known the term of wet lung. That there are: pneumonia, the infection that causes the lungs become inflamed. Air sacs in the lungs (alveoli) filled with pus and fluid, so the ability to absorb oxygen decreases. This disease is caused by about 30 different sources of infection.

However, the main cause of Pneumonia are: bacterial, viral, mikroplasma, mushrooms, various chemical compounds, and particles. Although cases of pneumonia caused by bacteria is not too much, this type tends to cause infection more severe than that caused by nonbakteri. Respiratory syncytial virus (respiratory syncitial virus or RSV), painfluenzae, influenzae, and adenovirus is the most frequent cause of pneumonia.

Wet lung disease, or pneumonia, which is acute, and if allowed can be fatal. Pneumonia may also occur due to aspiration of gastric contents, water or other irritation.

Pneumonia disease arises because germs inhaled through the nose and mouth. If the environment around any person or child who is infected, the risk of acquiring a very large, especially when the immune system is not good. Because of pus and fluids to meet the lungs, oxygen in the body's cells was reduced and can not work. Consequently, in addition to the spread of infection throughout the body, the patient could die.

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