Turmeric as a Cancer Cell Killer

Turmeric as a Cancer Cell Killer - The British scientist that researching extract of turmeric that contain in food spicy curry. The first allegation, the extract potentially to kill cancer cell.

Turmeric as a Cancer Cell Killer
No kidding, extract it worked on the first 24 hours after consumption. Such chemical-curcumin-has long been known to have the power to restore power and been tested as a treatment of arthritis and senility.

Several cancer experts said the findings published in the British Journal of Cancer that can help doctors find ways of treatment outside the medical model now.

UK doctors hope the findings of more advanced for the treatment of esophageal cancer. Each year about 7800 people in Britain diagnosed with throat cancer.

These Cancer type, entered six major fatal cancers, or about 5 percent of deaths in the UK. From the standpoint of resources, Indonesia is one country that has many potential medicinal herbs. (BBC NEWS/GSA)

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