Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung Cancer Symptoms - The lungs are organs in the respiratory system, and referred to in the air-breathing vertebrates kitara system. The lungs function is to exchange oxygen in carbon dioxide from the blood system with the help of hemoglobin. This process is known as respiration or breathing.

The lungs are located inside the chest cavity, protected by the bony structure of rare and protected by a wall as pleural, pleural fluid-filled. Lung cancer is a tumor that grows in the lungs are largely derived from cells in the lungs. But lung cancer can also come from cancer in other body parts that spread to the lungs.

lung cancer symptoms
More than 90 percent of lung disease originated from bronchitis or airways into the lungs. These cancers can be called karisnoma squamous cell, small cell or karisnoma karisnoma wheat cell, large cell kasrinoma, and adenokarnoma. Karisnoma alveolar cells derived from the alveoli in the lungs. This cancer can be a single growth. But often attack more than one area of ​​the lung.

Only a small proportion of lung cancer, or roughly about 10-15 per cent in men and 5 percent in women are caused by substances that are found or is inhaled in the workplace. Some symptoms that can be seen and felt from lung cancer, among others: shortness of breath, persistent cough, coughing out blood, chest pain, wheezing, fever, and weight loss.

Usually these symptoms only emerge when the cancer reaches the final stage, which means that smokers will not be aware that he had cancer since a young age. Symptoms of lung cancer that often occur in the society is usually a long coughing in people who smoke, difficulty breathing, the sound has changed from the usual, and cough for more than two weeks in people who do not smoke.

There are several types of treatment for lung cancer are: surgery, chemo and radiation therapy. This type of treatment tailored to the type of cancer, the rate of expansion or spread at the time of diagnosis, and the overall health condition of the patient. Surgery is the primary treatment measures in the early stages of cancer. Patients who undergo surgery can not be switched to radio therapy.

Cure rates of lung cancer is still very good if it is still at an early stage. The problem is extremely rare cancer is detected at this point. If cancer cells have spread to other areas, the choice of treatment is chemo therapy and radio therapy. If cancer is blocking the main air flow, can be used a laser to the tumor arrested or kept open the flow of air with a stent or tube.

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