Know Lung Disease

Know Lung Disease - This important organ is one of the vital organs for human life. Especially work on the human respiratory system.

Served as a place of exchange of oxygen that humans need and remove carbon dioxide which is the result of residual respiratory process that must be removed from the body, so the body's need for oxygen remains fulfilled.

Know Lung Disease
The air is very important for humans, not inhaling oxygen for several minutes can cause death. That is the important role of lung. Organ located below the rib was indeed has a heavy duty, not to mention the more polluted the air we breathe as well as many germs floating around in the air. This can cause various lung diseases.

Symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath, or pain in the chest area may indicate that something is wrong with your lungs. By detect it more quickly, this will help for this disease is not the longer and worse.

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